Tat’yana Pavlovna Kliushnik, Director of FSBSI “Mental Health Research Center” of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Professor, MD, PhD, Head of the laboratory of neuroimmunology, the leading scientist in the field of general and biological psychiatry, is well known in this country and abroad for her works in the field of neuroimmunology and neurochemistry, as well as for her studies, devoted to revelation of biomarkers of mental disorders. She managed to constructively  develop the unique approach, integrating the clinical-psychopathological and biomedical studies. Under the guidance of Prof. T.P. Kliushnik works were presented, integrating clinical-psychopathological, immunological, biochemical, EEG, NMR studies, the results of which are used in practical medicine. Prof. Kliushnik T.P. was the creator of the conception of neuroimmune interactions during formation of the basic nosological forms of mental disorders. Molecular grounds of transnosological rhythmological model of depression were developed, as well as typology of remission in schizophrenia (immunophenotypes of remissions), molecular mechanisms of development of psychosomatic disorders were studied, predictors of therapy efficacy in shift-like schizophrenia were revealed (complex of neurobiological indices). Prof. Kliushnik created a number of biomedical technologies of patients examination, which promote more perfect diagnostics, monitoring of the states of patients:  an algorithm of objective evaluation of activity of pathological process in human brain in a case of endogenous mental disorders (“Neuro-immuno-test”); methodology was developed  of personalized therapy on the basis of immunological indices in patients with disorders of autistic spectrum (“Autism-ummuno-test”);  method of early diagnostics of Alzheimer’s disease according to immunological indices was developed (model of probability of development of Alzheimer’s disease). 
Kliushnik T.P. is the author of more than 300 research works, containing 167 papers in abstract journals. Kliushnik N.P. is the author of 9 chapters of collective monographs and of 7 patents, as well as 8 medical technologies of therapy of patients with mental disorders. Professor T.P Kliushik assumes № 3 spot in Russia in the rankings in quoting of scientific publications on the problems of biology in psychiatry. Publications of T.P. Kliushnik are presented in foreign bases of scientific data.
T.P. Kliushnik has long experience of editorial work, she is a member of editorial board of such authoritative scientific-practical journals as “S.S.Korsakoff’s journal of Neurology and Psychiatry”, “Mental Health”, “The Russian Journal of Psychiatry”, “V.M. Bekhterev Review of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology”; she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists.
In April 2019 T.P.Kluishnik was elected editor-in-chief of scientific-practical “Psychiatry” journal. The founder and permanent editor-in-chief of the journal was  Academician of RAS Alexander Sergeevich Tiganov.